Take advantage of the healing effects you’ll get from a deep tissue massage

Are you suffering from deep-seated pain or a chronic injury? Experience a refreshing deep tissue massage at Back 2 Normal Therapeutic Massage of Little Rock, AR, and let the slow strokes and direct pressure relieve your muscle pain.

 Back 2 Normal Massage Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, only the therapist applies deeper pressure. It is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and pain. Communication with your therapist during this massage is key for proper results.

Relieve your stress with an AFFORDABLE deep tissue massage

Let our pros help you leave the stress behind

A deep tissue massage addresses soft tissue injuries and increases your range of motion. Due to the nature of deep tissue massage, your muscles may be sore for a few days after treatment, but you will notice the positive difference.

A deep tissue massage from our experienced experts can be just what you need to melt away all the stresses of life for a while. Call 501-319-2997 today.