Whether you want to relax after a long day at work, increase joint flexibility and range of motion, or improve circulation, treat yourself to incredible Swedish massage services from Back 2 Normal Therapeutic Massage of Little Rock, AR.

 Back 2 Normal Massage

Swedish massage provide a full range of benefits. Call 501-319-2997 today to speak with our friendly and experienced staff about your unique needs.

Experience true luxury with a Swedish massage

Rejuvenating massage can work away any stress

Swedish massage is the most common form of Western massage. It is for relaxation and relief of muscle tension, spasm, stiffness and soreness. It improves circulation and increases range of motion. Using oil, massage strokes are performed on various parts of the body to help warm up the muscles and get rid of the adhered tissue.

Our therapists love the work that they do and focus on making sure you will progress and achieve your optimal health goals.